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Business & bricks

Play, listen, learn. It does not have to be that rigid.

Business & Bricks

Play, listen, learn. It does not have to be that rigid.

You could call it LEGO® play for grown-ups, as it is both fun and constructive

We may well have bricks on the brain in our Business & Bricks meeting universe. On the other hand, at LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference we think completely outside the box when it comes to planning your meeting, conference or corporate event.

Business & Bricks is rooted in the following five elements:

Active involvement
Involving participants A good meeting is one in which the participants take active part as opposed to passively listening. The end result is improved quality of learning and understanding as well as better results over the long term.

Responsible thinking
Make responsible thinking a natural part of the meeting. Think sustainability, incorporate physical exercises and eat healthily. This will not only make the participants more responsible, but send a positive message and promote energy.

Local inspiration
Involve local entertainments, museums or nature and give the participants a unique experience which they can take home and build on both personally and professionally. Here, we make active use of LEGOLAND®, which can give the meeting new, alternative approaches.

Creative setup
Use the physical setting in a new way. This will motivate the participants. Work in inspiring interiors and stimulate the participants through light and smells. Everything is possible as long as the physical setting promotes energy, concentration and creativity.

Return on Investment
ROI is one of the cornerstones of the Meetovation concept. A meeting only has value if the participants actually take home useful knowledge from the meeting. We can help by measuring ROI before, during and after the meeting.

Try our events
With the help of LEGO® bricks, the different events focus on mutual understanding through communication exercises. We include visions and values, exploring where in the company the challenges lie in order to generate an understanding of your company’s values and visions, making everything that little bit more tangible.

Choose from the events below or let us help you combine them according to the needs of your company and employees:

Building bridges
Create the connection between your employees and your values. You build using small elements to bridge the gap. It’s all about cooperating, describing, reaching consensus and making a decision when you are pressed for time.

Think bigger 
Working together as a team, build a one-metre tall LEGO® figure using a miniature model without the help of instructions! Using the miniature model, one person from the group has to describe to the rest of the group how to build the full-scale model. This requires teamwork and good communication skills. Educational, challenging and entertaining teambuilding where you learn about each other’s strong and weak points.

Caught in the middle
How do you best pass on information when you are not in direct contact with the end user? In our daily lives, indirect communication, where information is passed on from one person to the next and then another, creates misunderstandings. We challenge you to build a LEGO® figure, where instructions go from the instructor through a middleman to the person building the model. Do you – as end users – end up with the same model as the one standing on the leader’s desk?

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