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SEAT kick-off
Our spacious Multihus venue now offers even more possibilities. Among other things, it is now possible to park cars inside the venue. SEAT Danmark’s kick-off featured a presentation of a new model for dealers. LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference supplied a full-service solution in which the car launch, branding and meeting were all held in the same room. The walls can be decorated easily and cheaply using our high-quality print solution – customised to your design needs, of course. Hear what SEAT Denmark had to say about the event.

RoboBusiness Europe
The European robot conference – RoboBusiness Europe – was held at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference and was a resounding success. With 370 participants from 27 different countries and four continents, 60 sponsors, 40 exhibitors and 60 matchmaking sessions, the event was a major conference where there was time for networking, knowledge sharing and business.

“We were delighted that LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference has the right facilities for hosting such an event. With participants from all over the world, it is important to choose a venue that offers excellent service, attention to detail and a high level of flexibility and cooperation. We can only give LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference our warmest recommendation. They fully lived up to our expectations and provided precisely the facilities and service we needed to ensure that RoboBusiness Europe 2014 was a huge success.”

NOCOGO recently held at Hotel LEGOLAND
NOCOGO is the first Nordic congress on gynaecology and obstetrics. The conference with about 250 participants was held at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference and was a great success.
Following the conference, Nanett Mosumgaard, Research Secretary at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Odense University Hospital, was full of praise for LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference.
“I only have one thing to say – rarely have I been met with such excellent service and willingness to adapt to our wishes and demands as was the case at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference. Never one to turn down an idea or a request – everything was possible. It was a real pleasure to use the venue, and working with professional staff lifted a big load off my shoulders in my capacity as organizer. I have received lots of mails thanking me for the excellent conference. That is certainly not just down to us, but equally a testimony to the unique facilities and great service provided by LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference.”

Annual general meeting with a difference
Every second year, the association ‘International Transport Danmark’ holds an unusual annual general meeting – as the partners of AGM members are also invited to attend. The aim is twofold – to ensure that everyone enjoys an experience that breaks with the traditional annual general meeting and provides new inspiration that can be channelled back into day-to-day operations – and to build solidarity through fun activities – also for the members’ partners.

“LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference offers the best possible conditions for holding a professional annual general meeting. We weren’t disappointed. Throughout, we were met by smiling, committed staff. Everyone was quickly bowled over by LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference, the contagious good humour of the event staff and their ability to make everyone feel at home. The whole event was a tremendous success,” says Jo Madsen, Functions Manager at International Transport Danmark. 

Fun and learning
Every year, the staff at Tietgen Business College hold a meeting to prepare a plan for the coming school year. They also meet to form new teacher teams – a task that requires close cooperation and one where any new colleagues join the ranks.
”We had to build a ship from LEGO® bricks. We split into two teams and it was like being a child again – down on the floor, building and playing with LEGO® bricks. It was serious, but with a fun twist. All in all, we had a great, active day which we rounded off with a delicious meal in the restaurant,” explains team coordinator Michael Fjeldsted from Tietgen Business College.

Professional and in keeping with our expectations
CenSec (the Center for Defence, Space & Security in Denmark) and FAD (the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association) held their joint annual conference at LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference with over 200 participants from at home and abroad. The venue was chosen based on several criteria – including its accessibility, size, overnight accommodation, facilities and level of professional service.
“CenSec’s expectations regarding the organizing of the conference were met in full – the conference facilities, overnight accommodation, staff, dinner and service level were all of the highest standard. We can give our warmest recommendation of LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference for such events,” says Charlotte Dalqvist, Communications Officer, the Center for Defence, Space & Security in Denmark.

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