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The story

It all began with a small wooden brick…

The story behind LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference

It all began with a small brick made out of wood, then more bricks – even in plastic – and finally a whole LEGO® toy factory. The LEGO name is a contraction of the words ‘LEg’ (meaning play) and ‘GOdt’ (meaning well). Later, Billund Airport, an amusement park, LEGOLAND and finally a hotel were added. And suddenly, things mushroomed.

The hotel was founded in 1968 under the name Esso Motor Hotel. The inauguration of LEGOLAND also took place in 1968. In 1974, the hotel was acquired by the LEGO Group. Initially, it was named Vis-a-Vis – changing its name to Hotel LEGOLAND in 1991.

In the first eight years, LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference doubled its room capacity from 32 to 64 rooms, and in 1986, the hotel gained six new meeting rooms and three new floors. Expansion has continued, with innumerable companies having held meetings and conferences at the hotel over the years. The hotel is now a modern, 4 star hotel and 5 star conference centre.

Today, the hotel houses a major conference centre with state-of-the-art AV equipment, two auditoriums, 25 conference rooms, an 1,800 m2 Multihus venue, two restaurants and a total of 223 rooms – some of which are specially designed to cater to our business clients.

The hotel is part of the international Merlin Entertainments Group, placing LEGOLAND Hotel & Conference among some of the finest hotels in Europe.
In 2005, the LEGO Group sold all four LEGOLAND parks including the hotel to Merlin Entertainments Group. However, the LEGO Group has retained 33% ownership of the LEGOLAND parks, which is why LEGO theming continues to be a natural part of the hotel as well as the LEGOLAND park.

In 2019 LEGOLAND Castle Hotel opened 142 LEGO® themed rooms, where you can stay in the princess's royal chambers, in the dragon knight’s cool living room or the wizard's magical observatory. Whatever you choose, you are the guest of honour in the fairy tale at LEGOLAND Castle Hotel. See the rooms right here.